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Bespoke Log Cabins
We Realise That It Is Not Always Feasible For You To Do It Yourself So We Offer A Full Installation Service
The Top 10 Tips on choosing a cabin – from Log Cabin Warehouse
How to build, it childs play

Welcome to Log Cabin Warehouse

Log Cabins For Sale By Log Cabin Warehouse Ireland

Ireland’s leading log cabins for sale, stocking, supplying and installing one of the widest selections of timber log cabins within Ireland.

Whether you’re after a home office, a residential or log cabin for your garden, you can be sure to find all you need on this site.

Providing only the best quality log cabins for sale, Log Cabin Warehouse carefully selects the best designs to suit the northern European climate and your home. Over the past 35 years, we have grown to the top of the log cabins for sale industry, through expert craftsmanship, top designs, and with thousands of satisfied customers throughout the country.

Sporting a proud Forrest Stewardship Council [link to http://www.fsc-uk.org/] certification for forest management, our buildings are premium built from quality, sustainable, Scandinavian soft wood.

Log Cabins For Sale That Add :

- Protection & Storage Of Valuables And Bulky Household Items

- Kids’ Playhouse

- Home Office / Study

- Casino/Bar

- Gym or relaxation/therapy room

- Residential Log Cabins for elderly family members or as guest rooms

- Garden Conservatory or dining area

- Hobby Workshop

There is no end to the possibilities. Our Bespoke Log Cabins can offer the perfect way to make the right decision, and get tailored advice every step of the way.

The prices for log cabins for sale you’ll find on this site are guaranteed the most competitive around; VAT, delivery to anywhere in Ireland, and amazing service, all inclusive.

Browse our wide range of log cabins to suit every need, or call us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll help you find what you need.


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Our Best Selling Cabins

  • LCW 9005 5.0 X 6.5m

    LCW 9005 5.0 X 6.5m

    LCW 9005 Log Cabin 5.0 x 6.5M


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  • LCW 9001 7.8 X 7.3M

    LCW 9001 7.8 X 7.3M

    Residential Log Cabin 7.8 x 7.3 M


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  • Lugarde11 5.5 X 8.5M

    Lugarde11 5.5 X 8.5M

    Lugarde Log Cabin


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  • Timber Garage 5

    Timber Garage 5


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  • Antigua A Timber Garage

    Antigua A Timber Garage


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  • Bora 4.5m x 3.0m log cabin

    Bora 4.5m x 3.0m log cabin

    44mm Thick storage cabin


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